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Why Rewriting Is Part of Writing

Tweet If everything goes as planned, my first novel, a fantasy, will be published by the Consortium later this year. I’ve been working on it for nearly six years. I think it’s ready. You should have seen the first draft I wrote back in 2007. It was, in a word, awful. The main character was pathetic, […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Stephenie Meyer, Redux

If you peruse the articles in which Aaron and I reference Stephenie Meyer, you might pick up on the fact that neither of us are necessarily favorably disposed toward her writing. Neither of us, however, has gone into much detail on the basis of our opinion. I, for my part, am about to change that.

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Disappointing Reads

I’m a quitter. I’ll admit it. I’ve decided that I don’t have time to finish books I’m not enjoying. Over the last month, I have picked up and almost immediately set down again two novels in particular…

On Art: How to Join the Consortium

Tweet So there you have it. The Consortium, in all its glory. It took me a month of posts to make the case for it (and right at my 800-word limit just to share the executive summary of my business plan yesterday), but I hope among them all you’ve got a pretty good idea what […]

On Art: Supporting the Artists to Support the Arts

Tweet The Consortium is an Oklahoma City-based non-profit organization that provides serious, talented artists with all the benefits of a traditional career path, so they can afford the time necessary to perfect their craft, and produce high-quality artwork for the public. Our Business The Consortium is founded on the systems of patronage and master craftsmanship […]

On Art: The Academy of the Arts

Tweet I’ve said several times that I started writing when I was twelve. While I was in eighth grade I finished a first novel, The Scorekeeper, which is tragically lost to the sands of time. My next effort, though, is preserved in all its emo glory. The Poet Alexander is basically the 180,000-word story of […]

The First Page

Tweet It was a dark and stormy night, when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. True story. Nearly everything I said about introductions in Tuesday’s post, Negotiating a Connection, applies to Creative Writers just as much as it does to the Business Writers. The big […]

Practicing Humanity (or The Storytelling Process)

Your job as a person is to examine and understand the world around you, to empathize with new people in a way that lets you see them as real people (not just extras in your life story), and to comprehend the short- and long-term ramifications of events both in and out of your control. Your job as a person (no matter who you are, or what you do) is to be an observer, a communicator, and a creator, and every moment you spend writing you’re working on those things. Usually you’re working on all of them on every page.