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Book Reviewers Wanted!

Tweet I’ve posted recently concerning the importance of fans in the success of a new writer’s career. More specifically, I gave a laundry list of ways to support your favorite writer. Near the top of the list (and repeated more than once before the list was done) is the simple act of recommending the book […]

Sex and Violence

Tweet I started the week talking about my short story class, and some of the challenges that come with providing feedback to our peers. The worst of it was talking about a sex scene buried in one of the many stories we’ve read so far. And, mostly, it was a whole lot of worrying over […]

Sex Scenes

Tweet I’m taking a short story class out at OU this fall. It’s the one I mentioned in the English department, where the professor claimed fantasy and science fiction stories don’t feature complex, compelling characters. Bah. That still makes me angry. I’m going to get myself in trouble in that class if I’m not careful. […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Raymond E. Feist

Tweet If you’ve been paying close attention, my dear inklings, you know that I’ve recently moved. What you might not know is that during the past week, I finally got all the books unpacked and shelved. OH HAPPY DAY. 😀 Well, I’ve shelved all the ones I’m keeping. In a masterful show of determination and […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Whining, Wherefores, and Whatnots

Two days ago, I sat with Becca in Aaron’s living room and bewailed to them the fact that I hadn’t yet decided on a topic for this week’s WILAWriTWe. Two days later, dear inklings, I must admit to you: I still got nothin’. But I showed up to write, anyway…

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Getting Edited

Tweet Ohhhh, my dear inklings. I did a scary, scary thing. I let go of my baby, my precious, my sweet toddling kiddo. I sent my tender little one out into the world, went back into the comfort of my home, and closed the door. And then, I sat back and waited in agony. What […]

On Inspirational Writing: Writing for Readers

Tweet I’ve spent the last month talking about books I read in a Category Fiction class and everything I learned from reading them. The class was designed perfectly to create that experience, and I knew it from the very first day, when Professor Chester said, I want you to analyze these books critically. I want […]

On Inspirational Writing: Die, Dragon, Fink, Games, and Curse

Tweet At last, I’m ready to talk about the books I liked. Of course there were books I liked! In fact, I mentioned some of what I’m about to say right here back in October when I first read one of them. Among them, these five books taught me one of the more valuable lessons […]

On Dramatic Action: Open Season and The Dead Cat Bounce

Tweet Yesterday I talked about one of my shortcomings as a writer: I pull my punches. I claimed that I learned that from two atrocious, miserable books my professor made me read. So what were the two books I hated so much? Open Season and The Dead Cat Bounce. Open Season Open Season by C. […]

On Dramatic Action: Pulling My Punches

Tweet This month I’ve been talking about the books I read and the lessons I learned during a Category Fiction class last fall. One of the things I admire most about the structure of the course is the way the professor managed to turn profoundly bad books into brilliant educational opportunities. So far I’ve had […]