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Monthly Archives: February 2011

On Self-Publishing: The Life-Cycle of Created Content

Tweet I’m a week late posting this, and you’ve all got my apologies for that. I ended last week’s conversation on self-publishing with Thursday’s claim that it’s an author’s responsibility today to learn the hard work of publishing. Here’s the thing: it’s tough work. I’m a week late posting this because I’ve been in a […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Getting Edited

Tweet Ohhhh, my dear inklings. I did a scary, scary thing. I let go of my baby, my precious, my sweet toddling kiddo. I sent my tender little one out into the world, went back into the comfort of my home, and closed the door. And then, I sat back and waited in agony. What […]

On Self-Publishing: Controlling the Medium

Tweet On Tuesday, I published the second book in my series. I posted the same little sales blurb in half a dozen different places, but around here I gave a little something extra. I told you about the process of writing the series, and my plans going forward. That’s not necessarily something I talk about […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from My Writers Tribe

When we writers mention “social writing,” what we think we mean is getting together to encourage each other and spend several hours working on our projects in the same location, one which most likely involves food and copious amounts of coffee. But “social writing” consists of far more than that…

On Self-Publishing: Ghost Targets

Tweet First things first, I need to take care of a little business. You might have already seen this on one of my other sites, but I’ve got three significantly different audiences across all three and,  y’know, I really need to let all of them know. After all, it’s a good book. You should read […]

On Editing: What Editors Are For

Tweet This week has been a lot of talk about surprises, whether it’s the unexpected catastrophes that derailed both of my meticulously-planned covershoots so far, or the sudden and unfortunate realization a week before a book is supposed to go to press that it has a gaping flaw in one of the most important scenes. […]

On Editing: Expect the Unexpected

Tweet I started the week with the story of my two novels: Gods Tomorrow and Ghost Targets: Expectation (in stores February 15th!). Specifically, I talked about the covershoots for both books, and the surprises they held for us. Those little surprises are pretty troubling, especially when the book is so close to being published, but […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Stephenie Meyer, Redux

If you peruse the articles in which Aaron and I reference Stephenie Meyer, you might pick up on the fact that neither of us are necessarily favorably disposed toward her writing. Neither of us, however, has gone into much detail on the basis of our opinion. I, for my part, am about to change that.

On Editing: Expectation

Tweet Five months ago, with Gods Tomorrow poised on the brink of publication, I brought my awesome photographers (Julie and Carlos of Julie V. Photography) to town to shoot some art for the cover. I made arrangements with our model, scouted locations, and put together a whole covershoot in the space of about a week. […]

On Inspirational Writing: Writing for Readers

Tweet I’ve spent the last month talking about books I read in a Category Fiction class and everything I learned from reading them. The class was designed perfectly to create that experience, and I knew it from the very first day, when Professor Chester said, I want you to analyze these books critically. I want […]