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From the Editor’s Desk

We here at Unstressed Syllables are writers first and foremost, and you can count on us to provide high-quality, helpful content for all your writing needs.

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Gods Tomorrow, a novel by Aaron Pogue

Buy Gods Tomorrow at Amazon.comGods Tomorrow is a futuristic thriller featuring Katie Pratt, a Brooklyn detective who goes to work for the prestigious Ghost Targets task force in a world where constant surveillance has made unsolved crimes a thing of the past. The Ghost Targets agents deal with the exceptions–criminals rich or powerful enough to slip through the cracks, and when Katie’s first case reveals a bug in the surveillance software, she finds herself in a race not just to catch a killer, but to thwart a plan that could bring the whole system down…and all of modern society with it.

The first novel in Aaron’s FBI Ghost Targets series, Gods Tomorrow is also the first release by Consortium Books, our own publishing house.

Gods Tomorrow is available without DRM at digital bookstores everywhere:

Paperback $9.99
Kindle (mobi) $0.99
Nook (ePub) $0.99 B&
iPad (ePub) $0.99

Ghost Targets: Expectation, a novel by Aaron Pogue

Buy Ghost Targets: Expectation at

Eric Barnes put an end to human aging. Now he’s paying for it with his life.

In the thrilling sequel to Gods Tomorrow, FBI Special Agent Katie Pratt returns to the Ghost Targets team to find herself and the rest of the team under investigation for corruption by a government agency. Katie’s relationship with Martin Door, one of the creators of the Hathor system and its surveillance of everyone and everything, leaves her especially vulnerable.

The new boss assigns Katie to a case in Boulder, Colorado to save her from ongoing interrogation, but the case quickly steals the Ghost Targets team’s full attention. A scientist, violently attacked in his own lab, is in a coma.

The victim leads the research for a drug that could end human aging, extending lifespans to thousands of years. The key to the drug is locked in his slumbering brain, but even in this world where every action is recorded in Hathor, the records of the attack on him are gone. Katie must uncover the truth to protect the miracle drug and regain her own reputation.

Katie’s search for answers will force her to scale a mountain of secrets and lies whose summit is the overwhelming power of human expectation.

Ghost Targets: Expectation is available without DRM at digital bookstores everywhere:

Paperback $9.99
Kindle (mobi) $2.99
Nook (ePub) $2.99 B&
iPad (ePub) $2.99

Colors of Deception, a novel by Courtney Cantrell

Buy Colors of Deception at Amazon.comMeet Holly Idaho, a sophomore at a Christian university.  Her new semester is off to a bad start with secretive friends, anonymous practical jokes — and a hungry demon who’s after more than her soul.

The first novel in Courtney’s Demons of Saltmarch trilogy, Colors of Deception is also published by Consortium Books.

Colors of Deception is available without DRM at digital bookstores everywhere:

Paperback $12.99
Kindle (mobi) $0.99
Nook (ePub) $0.99 B&
iPad (ePub) $0.99

Unstressed Syllables and the e-Book Challenge present
How to Build an e-Book by Aaron Pogue

How to Build an e-Book

Available May 2010!

This is the complete guide for any blogger hoping to build an e-Book out of an established post archive. Establish credibility, increase your brand presence, and monetize your site with the help of an experienced professional.

This three-volume book guides you through planning, developing, and wrapping up your e-Book with a ton of good advice and excellent examples. Aaron draws on his long experience as a Technical Writer to teach you tips and tricks that will make your book easier to write, and easier to read.

If you’d like to know more:

E-Book Formatting Services

Want to launch an e-book of your own? Worried you lack the technical skills to make it great? Consider hiring us to format your e-book.

Between my Technical Writing experience and the skills of some incredible programmers who wanted to see my books published, we’ve put together an incredibly powerful process for building professional-quality e-books from finished manuscripts.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, check out our page on e-book formatting for more information.

Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are e-Books and other products for sale elsewhere on the web. If you click through on any of our affiliate links and then buy a product, we’ll get a portion of the sale price.

Our primary goal for this site is always to help you become a better writer. We’ll gladly offer affiliate products that we believe will help you in that goal, but we have no interest in promoting products just for sales revenue. Any affiliate products we link to come with our full recommendation.

In most cases, we’ll have a full blog post reviewing the product and discussing who can get the most out of it, and how. If you’re unsure on either of those, use the search box on our main page. It’s incredibly helpful.


We’re pleased to recommend e-Junkie (in spite of the name…and graphic) for all your digital sales needs. We’ve used e-Junkie to distribute How to Build an e-Book, to manage review copies and coupon codes, and to coordinate our affiliate sales efforts. They’ve handled every aspect of our digital sales and distribution, and made it surprisingly easy!

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

If you have a product you think would be of use to the readers at Unstressed Syllables and you’re interested in an affiliate deal, let us know with our handy Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you for details. Thanks!