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About the Site (Image courtesy Julie at Syllables is a writing resource for everyone. If you’re fascinated by writing, this is the place for you. If you’re frustrated, frightened, or just plain freaked out by writing, this is the place for you. Our goal is to take the stress out of writing, whether you’re doing it for work or for play, and teach you the tips and tricks to improve the writing you do every day.

We have articles on strong composition, avoiding common errors, and making your Word processor do some of the heavy lifting for you. We also have articles on character design, plot development, and writing the perfect query letter. Whether you’re a creative writer trying to gear up for National Novel Writing Month or an electrical engineer trying to tighten up the quality of your design documentation, we should have something for you.

About the Authors

Unstressed Syllables is a general writing advice website that thrives on the education, experience, and eloquence of its authors. Get to know Aaron Pogue and Courtney Cantrell as they share their expertise in articles that make writing easy, and entertaining.

Aaron Pogue, Chief Editor

Aaron Pogue is a Technical Writer with the Federal Aviation Administration. He has a degree in Writing and has been working as a Technical Writer since 2002. He spent a semester as a writing professor at Oklahoma Christian University where he taught Technical Writing to a bunch of people who weren’t writers.

That experience became the foundation of this website. But Aaron went on from there to use his document design knowledge to build a digital publishing house, Consortium Books, and some of his own novels have become bestsellers in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

While Aaron brings decades of experience and training as a writer, he is more and more convinced that everyone can learn to write better, with less effort. In these days, when everyone has to write something every day, a little bit of learning can go a long way.

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Courtney Cantrell, Contributing Editor

Courtney is a full-time novelist who specializes in high fantasy. She runs a small monthly writer’s group out of her home, and is co-founder of Aaron’s revolutionary art collective, The Consortium. Like Aaron, she is an English / Writing Major from Oklahoma Christian University, she is a long-time blogger, and she is a bestselling author.

Her art is achingly beautiful, her poetry is sometimes touching (always compelling), and her prose will make you sit up and pay attention.

Courtney provides a regular Wednesday feature, “What I Learned about Writing this Week.”

If you want to know when Courtney Cantrell’s new books come out, you can sign up for new release notifications here.

Julie V. Photography, Illustrator

Julie Velez is a professional photographer with a remarkable portfolio. Specializing primarily in portraits and location shoots. Her photography is rich with the kind of dramatic storytelling we expect here at Unstressed Syllables, and explosive with colors that we can only envy.

With the help of her husband Carlos, Julie Velez runs Julie V. Photography — a Topeka, KS-based company that provides most of the beautiful post illustrations you’ll find here (as well as the author portraits above). To learn more or book a portrait session, visit Julie’s business page.