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Monthly Archives: June 2010

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from the Kitten.

In its early stages, say, the first couple drafts, your story is rambunctious. You try to impose limits on it, but it’s mostly out of your control, skittering hither and yon and making a complete nuisance of itself…

On HTML Heading Styles: How to Export Your Google Docs Beautifully

When you use standard HTML styles in Google Docs properly, it’s incredibly easy to change your document’s format to match a publisher’s submission guidelines.

On HTML Heading Styles: How to Customize Paragraph Styles in Google Docs

Tweet Yesterday I told you about BookMaker and the publishing model I built on Google Docs heading styles. Maybe my account made it all feel a little grandiose (and I haven’t even gotten started telling you about my long-term plans), but really what I described is the whole point of templates and standard styles: generalization. […]

On HTML Heading Styles: A BookMaker Story

Tweet Once or twice now I’ve mentioned the program I wrote to grab my Google Docs novels and cram them into Word templates so I could pretty them up for submission. That was a fairly humble little Python script that I ran on my laptop maybe five or ten times. When Courtney asked me to […]

On Style: Master Your Writing Style

Tweet As I was getting to know Julie Roads through her blog, I remember a couple relatively innocuous or offhand comments that stuck out to me. That’s one of the strange things about blogging — you never know where a reader’s going to start. So it’s easy to make an offhand reference to something you […]

On Style: Deconstructing the Blogstory Style

The blogstory is powerful writing, a carefully-crafted experience that’s the perfect marriage of storytelling and the blog environment. Julie Roads has it down.

On Style: Julie Roads, e-Friend #2

I went looking for a good place to advertise my blog, and accidentally discovered an astonishingly good writer and, ultimately, a new friend. Meet Julie Roads.

On Markup Languages: How to Use Heading Styles

Tweet This week I’m talking about document formatting through markup, and specifically the difference between applying labeled styles to your document and just using formatting effects. When you do it right, a little bit of work beforehand can make all your writing easier. If you’ve set up a WordPress blog, you’ve probably seen this in […]

On Markup Languages: Labels vs. Effects

Tweet Yesterday I talked about my social anxiety and how it broke me. And I promised that it had applications to tech writing. The problem I ran into was that I could clearly, directly see the effects in my life without so much as a clue what the causes were. That’s pretty typical of anxiety. […]

On Markup Languages: My Crisis of Faith

Years ago my lifelong faith faltered because of effects in my life that I couldn’t explain. Here’s how a simple label fixed me, and can fix your writing, too.