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Monthly Archives: July 2010

On Art: How to Join the Consortium

Tweet So there you have it. The Consortium, in all its glory. It took me a month of posts to make the case for it (and right at my 800-word limit just to share the executive summary of my business plan yesterday), but I hope among them all you’ve got a pretty good idea what […]

On Art: Supporting the Artists to Support the Arts

Tweet The Consortium is an Oklahoma City-based non-profit organization that provides serious, talented artists with all the benefits of a traditional career path, so they can afford the time necessary to perfect their craft, and produce high-quality artwork for the public. Our Business The Consortium is founded on the systems of patronage and master craftsmanship […]

On Art: The Academy of the Arts

Tweet I’ve said several times that I started writing when I was twelve. While I was in eighth grade I finished a first novel, The Scorekeeper, which is tragically lost to the sands of time. My next effort, though, is preserved in all its emo glory. The Poet Alexander is basically the 180,000-word story of […]

What I Learned about Writing this Week…from Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson

Tweet That title might be slightly misleading.  Mr. Koontz’s and Mr. Anderson’s writing is, indeed, the foundation upon which this particular article rests.  But there are several additional authors whose works would make great building blocks for the ideas I’ll endeavor to convey to you today. I’ll mention some of them later.  But Dean Koontz’s […]

On Document Types: How to Write a Sales Plan

Tweet This week I’m diving into document types with a case study in sales pitches and business plans. Yesterday I talked about the purpose of a business proposal and gave you a brief glimpse at the people who will be reading it. Today I’m supposed to tell you how to actually write one. The good […]

On Document Types: Building a Business Plan

Tweet Yesterday I talked about my incredibly depressing sales pitch for the Consortium, which has somehow achieved a 100% conversion rate…. I can’t promise you those kind of results, but I do want to teach you how to build a business plan of your own. Finding Firm Foundations Last week I told you that my […]

On Document Types: A Sales Pitch

Tweet If you’ve been paying attention this month, you can clearly see I’m building up to something. It’s a business model, a major social change, a grand vision. In other words, it’s a daydream and a penniless non-profit. It’s a good daydream, though, and it attracts amazing people like moths to a flame. Seriously, I’ve […]

On Patronage: How to Become a Master Artist

Tweet All month I’ve been talking about how to get paid for your writing, and this week I’m talking about how things were done in the crude, primitive days of yore — such as, for instance, the astonishing beauty of the masterworks made in the high Renaissance. That age of high artistry wasn’t an accident. […]

On Patronage: Patrons, Artists, and the Public Renaissance

Tweet Yesterday I told the charming story of my opportunity to become a full-time artist on the charity of a noble patron. It was an arrangement built on bad information, but without it, you’d probably have one fewer writing advice blogs to help put you to sleep. You certainly wouldn’t have this month’s creative writing […]

On Patronage: Kris Austin

There’s nothing quite as motivating to an artist as having someone say, “I’ll pay you to create art. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing.” Meet my patron.