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On Reading Like a Writer: How to Write within Your Genre

Tweet This week we’re talking about becoming a better writer through your reading, and yesterday I talked about a college class I’m taking on that very topic. So far we’ve read How to Train Your Dragon, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, The Cinderella Deal, and First Lady. I don’t really read much young […]

On Writing What You Know: You’re Not Too Boring to Tell a Story

Tweet Yesterday I told the story of my second novel…again. I’m well aware that I’ve talked about that book several times around here (and I’m certain I will again). In fact, the last time I mentioned it previously, I described it like this: The Poet Alexander is basically the 180,000-word story of my adolescence, chronicling […]

On Writing What You Know: High School

Tweet I wrote my first novelĀ  in high school, and it was a very high school sort of book. I spent a lot of time back then priding myself on being above the stupid high school drama going on all around me…and, of course, I was completely full of it. I’ve already introduced you to […]

On Art: The Academy of the Arts

Tweet I’ve said several times that I started writing when I was twelve. While I was in eighth grade I finished a first novel, The Scorekeeper, which is tragically lost to the sands of time. My next effort, though, is preserved in all its emo glory. The Poet Alexander is basically the 180,000-word story of […]

The Walk-and-Talk

Good writing needs conversation, whether it’s a talk with a friend, a debate with a copyeditor, or a negotiation with your own subconscious. Capture discussion.