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Work-in-Progress Update for November 2011

Tweet Tuesday I talked about being a publisher as well as a writer. I was a little surprised when no one (yet) piped up to complain, because I’ve had a lot of people asking me with vigorous interest, “When will book two be done?!?!” I always want to feign a little bit of bafflement at […]

Write like Your Parents Are Dead

Tweet On Tuesday I wrote a little story about getting my mouth washed out with soap for singing some dirty words. I like that story. It characterizes me pretty clearly in a short scene or two. It also shows the inefficacy of corporal punishment (at least of the soap-based variety), because I’ve grown up to […]

On NaNoWriMo: Next Month, You’re Going to Write a Novel

Tweet I’ve talked before about my miserable years in Tulsa, and how they coincided with my failed efforts to shop my novel to publishers. Essentially, I spent my first year out of college rewriting Taming Fire, and then my second year shopping it around. Now, while I was shopping that novel, I did what every […]

On Writing What You Know: You’re Not Too Boring to Tell a Story

Tweet Yesterday I told the story of my second novel…again. I’m well aware that I’ve talked about that book several times around here (and I’m certain I will again). In fact, the last time I mentioned it previously, I described it like this: The Poet Alexander is basically the 180,000-word story of my adolescence, chronicling […]