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On Self Publishing (cont.): Consortium Time

Tweet You almost certainly already know this about me, but I’m a captain of industry. I’m a prince of the new media. I’m a president, CEO, and executive director of a small business registered with the State of Oklahoma (national tax exempt status…pending). I’m talking about the Consortium, a cooperative of artists dedicated to an […]

On Reader Expectations: Las Vegas, NV

Tweet A couple weeks ago, Trish took the kids to Wichita for a weekend and left me home alone. And, no, I’m not talking about my lonely Christmas. This was a few weeks after that. It was on the calendar as an opportunity for me to get some work. I tend to do that when […]

On Programming Language: Diving into Python

Tweet This week I’m talking about scripted solutions and the power of programming for a writer. I know it might sound intimidating, but learning a programming language isn’t that much harder than learning any other kind language, and in the same way, some are easier than others. I almost want to say, “Learning Python is […]

On Art: Supporting the Artists to Support the Arts

Tweet The Consortium is an Oklahoma City-based non-profit organization that provides serious, talented artists with all the benefits of a traditional career path, so they can afford the time necessary to perfect their craft, and produce high-quality artwork for the public. Our Business The Consortium is founded on the systems of patronage and master craftsmanship […]