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Don’t Shoot Arrows at People

Who are you writing for? What does your audience expect? Today we’ll talk about choosing your target audience.

A Writing Challenge

Tweet This blog post is coming to you extremely late. I’d have skipped it altogether, but I left you hanging last Tuesday and I really need to finish laying this foundation, because tomorrow we’re going to build on it. For what it’s worth: I’ve got a great excuse. I’ve just been so busy with the […]

A Writing Coach

Tweet I wear a lot of hats. Metaphorically speaking. I’m a Technical Writer and a grad student. I’m a publisher and a husband and a father. I’m a CEO and an Executive Director and a President. I’m a programmer and a web developer and a blogger. And I’m a bestselling novelist. That never gets old. […]

Sex and Violence

Tweet I started the week talking about my short story class, and some of the challenges that come with providing feedback to our peers. The worst of it was talking about a sex scene buried in one of the many stories we’ve read so far. And, mostly, it was a whole lot of worrying over […]

What I Learned About Writing This Week…from the Basics

Being sick resets one’s brain to the basics. In three brief points, lets discuss some basics of good writing. We’ll look at story structure, rules for writing, and audience analysis.

On Reader Expectations: Carpe Demon and The Second Opinion

Tweet Yesterday I talked about some of the things I learned about reader expectations in my Category Fiction class. By way of example, I mentioned some techniques for building suspense in Thriller novels. There was more, though. To my horror, I realized after six months of promoting my suspense series as a Thriller that it’s […]

On Reader Expectations: Genre Conventions

Tweet Last week I started reviewing some of the novels we read in my Category Fiction class with a pretty brutal panning of our Women’s Fiction samples. Along the way, I mentioned a startling similarity in their plots — not just in those two books, but in all Women’s Fiction novels. I was genuinely surprised […]

On Reader Expectations: Las Vegas, NV

Tweet A couple weeks ago, Trish took the kids to Wichita for a weekend and left me home alone. And, no, I’m not talking about my lonely Christmas. This was a few weeks after that. It was on the calendar as an opportunity for me to get some work. I tend to do that when […]

My Friends

Once upon a time, a terrible thing happened: I graduated. I had to get a job and leave amazing friends behind. They were too amazing to stay behind, though.

The Ideal Reader

Once you’ve got good feedback, you still have to figure out what to do with it. Luckily, those who have gone before have provided an answer. What you need, they teach us, is a tool to convert wrong words into right words, a working model that you can test your story against. It’s super useful, and it’s got a name: The Ideal Reader.