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The One Where You Get to Be Pygmalion

Today we’re talking about your Ideal Reader: why you want one, how you create one, and what he or she looks like.

The Week in Words (April 17)

The Week in Words is a weekly roundup of my active projects, review of the site’s activity, and links to interesting writing articles that caught my attention.

Market Research (Creative Writing Exercise)

This Creative Writing Exercise calls for market research: Choose the target audience for a work-in-progress and evaluate the document against its expectations.

The Ideal Reader

Once you’ve got good feedback, you still have to figure out what to do with it. Luckily, those who have gone before have provided an answer. What you need, they teach us, is a tool to convert wrong words into right words, a working model that you can test your story against. It’s super useful, and it’s got a name: The Ideal Reader.

Reader Response Questions

Today’s post is more a story than a lecture, but it’s a story rich with writing advice. It harkens back to a creative writing exercise from January, and foreshadows a worthwhile topic for future discussion. It’s also a pretty sweet story, when it comes right down to it.