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The One Where You Get to Be Pygmalion

Today we’re talking about your Ideal Reader: why you want one, how you create one, and what he or she looks like.

How to Design a Cover by the Genre

Tweet At this point, you’ve thought about what type of cover you want based on what your competition is doing. But looking at your competition is a small step in the larger part of making sure your book stays relevant to its genre. Without a solid idea of how your book genre relates to your finished cover, you […]

Don’t Shoot Arrows at People

Who are you writing for? What does your audience expect? Today we’ll talk about choosing your target audience.

The State of Modern Publishing (Part 2)

Tweet Last week I established the terms of our discourse and came out strongly in favor of indie publishing. But choosing indie publishing is only the first step in doing it, and the rest of the steps can be twisty and uneven. In the interest of saving you from some sprained ankles along the way […]