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What I Learned About Writing This Week…from the Basics

Being sick resets one’s brain to the basics. In three brief points, lets discuss some basics of good writing. We’ll look at story structure, rules for writing, and audience analysis.

On Narrative Structure: The Mock Table of Contents

Tweet Okay, October is already washing out from under us like sand in the surf, right? Next thing we know, we’re going to be caught in an undercurrent and sweeping toward Christmas without a lifeguard in sight. (I may have gotten lost in my metaphor there.) That’s okay. I don’t know how closely you looked […]

On Narrative Structure: Outlines

Tweet On Tuesday I told the story of the time I learned why I was such an awful baseball player: I only learned after it was over that I was severely nearsighted. I suspect my lone experience with team sports would have gone a lot differently if I’d played the season in glasses. I’ll never […]

On Narrative Structure: Timing

Tweet I mentioned before that I grew up with no great love for team sports. To some extent that was inevitable, as I spent my early years living on a little country farm — my closest playmates a mile and a half down a dirt road, and neither of them my age. I learned to […]