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On Programming Language: Diving into Python

Tweet This week I’m talking about scripted solutions and the power of programming for a writer. I know it might sound intimidating, but learning a programming language isn’t that much harder than learning any other kind language, and in the same way, some are easier than others. I almost want to say, “Learning Python is […]

On Programming Language: The Advantage of Scripted Solutions

Tweet Writers are not naturally programmers. I’m certainly aware of that. In fact, I resisted becoming one for years even though all my friends were. When I finally broke down and accepted some lessons from my friend Toby, though, it changed the way I approach everything I do on the computer. Some tasks require a […]

On Programming Language: Asterisks

Tweet Last fall I walked into my first ever teaching experience, with that junior-level Technical Writing course at Oklahoma Christian University that I’ve mentioned a time or two. I faced a room full of Computer Science and Information Systems students who were all within sight of their graduation, and faced with the first English class […]