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What I Learned About Writing This Week…from Dreams, Redux

I’ve had another confirmation that all of my conclusions about my dreams are true.

Dream Sequence (Creative Writing Exercise)

Tweet This week I talked about document structure and got into detail on chronology and point of view, and now it’s time to stop talking and start doing. Your assignment this week is to write out a dream sequence. Of your own. This should be as close to non-fiction as you can manage. If at […]

Practicing Humanity (or The Storytelling Process)

Your job as a person is to examine and understand the world around you, to empathize with new people in a way that lets you see them as real people (not just extras in your life story), and to comprehend the short- and long-term ramifications of events both in and out of your control. Your job as a person (no matter who you are, or what you do) is to be an observer, a communicator, and a creator, and every moment you spend writing you’re working on those things. Usually you’re working on all of them on every page.