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Unstressed Syllables and

Tweet I’ve been talking a lot about my self-publishing success lately. The story of my experience is (I hope) interesting to all my readers. But one thing I’ve talked about often here is audience analysis. Every good writer needs to know to whom he’s talking, and thanks to my recent success, my audience is starting […]

On the Business of Writing: Stockholm Syndrome

Tweet This week I’m talking about a series of lectures my Professional Writing professor taught on getting started in traditional publishing. In yesterday’s article I talked about the hard work and the patience that has to go into making a career out of writing (even after you’ve put in the hard work and patience to […]

On Kindle Publishing: Building Your Brand

Tweet Today I’d like to wrap up my introduction to Kindle publishing. I’ve spent the last several weeks describing the kind of remarkable success indie authors can find self-publishing on Kindle, and why that success is suddenly possible. The key to it, as I explained yesterday, is the emergence of the global information network. As […]

On Kindle Publishing: The Role of the Global Information Network

Tweet On Tuesday I interrupted a three-week introduction to the Kindle publishing phenomenon for a case study near and dear to our hearts: Courtney Cantrell’s Kindle publishing success story. Now, admittedly she’s no Hocking yet. She’s a success regardless. She has already sold well beyond her immediate circle of friends and family, and even out […]

On Kindle Publishing: Credibility (2 of 2)

Tweet This week I’m continuing my series on Kindle publishing with a look at the credibility issues associated with self-publishing. Yesterday I talked about the perspectives of publishers (who hate it, with dollar signs in their eyes) and readers (who really don’t care where a book comes from, as long as it looks and reads […]

On Kindle Publishing: Credibility (1 of 2)

Tweet Last week I started this series on Kindle publishing with a look at some of its biggest players (Konrath, Hocking, and Eisler), and then spent a while discussing the technological changes that have made this publishing revolution possible. But even with the technological shift well and firmly established, there’s another shift that has to […]

On Kindle Publishing: Colors of Deception

Tweet In the midst of all this talk about the Kindle publishing explosion, I get to take a break to provide one more case study. She’s no Konrath or Eisler or Hocking (yet), but our own Courtney Cantrell has become a part of the phenomenon. Or perhaps I should say we’ve made her a part […]

On Kindle Publishing: Konrath, Hocking, and Eisler

Tweet I started the week with a brief introduction to a long series on Kindle publishing. I finished that introduction with the promise of some case studies. If you’re at all familiar with Kindle publishing or the indie publishing “scene” that’s developing even as we speak, you probably could have guessed at least two of […]

On Kindle Publishing: Readings in Mass Communication

Tweet In January of 2011, I started taking a class called “Readings in Mass Communication” in pursuit of my Master of Professional Writing degree at the University of Oklahoma. It’s an interdisciplinary theory course that combines lectures and select readings in the academic literature to explore the changing role of mass communication in society, its […]