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Unstressed Syllables and

I’ve been talking a lot about my self-publishing success lately. The story of my experience is (I hope) interesting to all my readers.

But one thing I’ve talked about often here is audience analysis. Every good writer needs to know to whom he’s talking, and thanks to my recent success, my audience is starting to split.

Teaching the Revolution

I have long-time readers here who want writing advice. I have friends and fans who want updates on my writing projects. And I have new visitors who’ve heard about my success and want to learn about the self-publishing industry and the opportunities it presents.

I keep meeting other writers who need information about the new market. I keep meeting new readers who want to know when book 3 is coming out. Until now, I’ve been sending them all here.

Fans and Friends

Every day now I have more and more of both kinds of visitors, and they’re looking for very different things. Someone who just read The Dragonswarm and comes here looking for a short story to read while he waits for The Dragonprince’s Heir is going to have to slog through an awful lot of writing advice to find a useful link.

So I’ve started a new site for my fans and friends. Check out I’ll keep it updated with work-in-progress updates, information about new releases, and occasional stories about my life as a writer.

Unstressed Syllables

That’s not replacing Unstressed Syllables. In fact, that’s probably breathing new life into Unstressed Syllables.

As I said, this site can be a huge resource for people interested in the craft and business of writing. Over the last couple years, I’ve put myself at the center of a whole web of experts on that topic.

And now I’ve asked them to start contributing here. Courtney’s been sharing storytelling advice for two years with her WILAWriTWe column, but that’s going to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Expert Advice

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about Konrath’s five rules for success? One of them was “Write a good product description.” When I met fellow Consortium novelist Joshua Unruh and learned he had a degree and professional experience in marketing, I recruited him to help me accomplish that task.

And now I’ve recruited him to share that expertise in a weekly column here. I’m hoping to get the same commitment from my editor and my cover coordinator. And, of course, I want to go on teaching you how to write better with less effort, like I’ve been doing from day one.

My goal is to make Unstressed Syllables a one-stop guide to today’s story market. If you have any advice or requests, let us know through the comments below or the Contact form on the right. If you’re interested in contributing, let me know that, too!

And if you find us helpful, by all means recommend us to your writing group. We really hope to grow.

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