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On Kindle Publishing: The Role of the Global Information Network

Tweet On Tuesday I interrupted a three-week introduction to the Kindle publishing phenomenon for a case study near and dear to our hearts: Courtney Cantrell’s Kindle publishing success story. Now, admittedly she’s no Hocking yet. She’s a success regardless. She has already sold well beyond her immediate circle of friends and family, and even out […]

On Kindle Publishing: Credibility (1 of 2)

Tweet Last week I started this series on Kindle publishing with a look at some of its biggest players (Konrath, Hocking, and Eisler), and then spent a while discussing the technological changes that have made this publishing revolution possible. But even with the technological shift well and firmly established, there’s another shift that has to […]

On Kindle Publishing: Technology

Tweet Yesterday’s post introduced three major case studies in Kindle publishing. Each of them came from a different background, and each approached (or is now approaching) Kindle publishing for different reasons. Measuring a Writer’s Success The largest thing the three share in common is success. All three have reached a lot of new readers though Kindle […]