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Start at the End (Creative Writing Exercise)

Maybe you’ve written a dozen novels already, or maybe you’re still toiling toward the end of your first one. Either way, take some pleasure in the experience of finishing a story. Hit us with a climax, tie up some imaginary loose ends, and then follow it up with the two most satisfying words in all of writing.

Strong Sentences and 3D Storytelling

Tweet I’ve mentioned this before, but my dad is (among many other things) a speech professor and an accomplished storyteller. I was talking with him last week about some difficulties he’s had in his creative writing, though, trying to achieve the sort of impact and effect he can get effortlessly with the spoken word. The […]

Why You Should Keep a Blog (Part 2)

You’ve heard it before, in any writing class you’ve ever taken. You’ve heard it from Nathan Bransford and Writer’s Digest and from me. You know it, you’ve always known it, but you’ve never really been able to follow through. Still, the fact remains: if you want to get better at writing, you need to practice writing every day.

Why You Should Keep a Blog (Part 1)

You should keep a blog. And, yes, I mean you personally.

Today’s post is for everybody. Today’s post is about the benefits of blogging to casual writers just trying to get simple ideas across. Today’s post could just as easily be named, “How Not to Look Like an Idiot.”

Weekly Writing Exercises

Our first writing exercises focus on the Christmas holidays! Head over to the new forums to write a fake complaint letter to Santa Claus, or practice with point of view by writing a blog post about Christmas from someone else’s perspective.