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Start at the End (Creative Writing Exercise)

Yesterday’s post was all about conclusions, and while I’ve said a couple times that the beginning of a story can be a lot of fun, the end is what it’s all about.

So this week, I want you to start at the end. Take all the in-between, all the hard work and daily writing, and just pretend it’s already finished and done.┬áThis week I want you to share with us the dramatic, action-packed end of a story. Make it the best scene you can, for whatever genre you’re writing in — make it exciting or emotional, decisive or devastating.

Maybe you’ve written a dozen novels already, or maybe you’re still toiling toward the end of your first one. Either way, take some pleasure in the experience of finishing a story. Hit us with a climax, tie up some imaginary loose ends, and then follow it up with the two most satisfying words in all of writing.

This should be a fun exercise, but don’t think that’s all it is. It’s also progress, toward a legitimate “The End” of your own. Countless amazing stories have been written just so the writer could get to a pre-determined climax. I’ve known some good ones to start with what felt like an ending, too. Whatever you come up with, it’s something you can build into a story somewhere down the line.

For now, share it with us as-is. Endings are more fun than middles anyway, so we’ll have fun reading whatever you’re willing to share.

2 Responses to “Start at the End (Creative Writing Exercise)”

  1. Dave Felton says:

    Some really great points and creative ideas. I intend to use the idea of writing the end first later this week.

    Best wishes.

  2. Aaron Pogue says:

    Thanks for commenting, Dave, and I’m glad I could help.

    If you post anything using that technique, be sure to let us know so we can swing by to check it out!