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The Trial of the ARCs

As of yesterday afternoon, all the Advance Reading Copies of The Dragonswarm have been sent.

Thanks to everyone who requested one! I can’t wait to get your feedback.

Encouraging Comments

I’ve already heard from one satisfied customer. He must have read the book straight-through from the moment he received his email, because before I went to bed last night I had a mention from him on Twitter:

@AaronPogue omg freaking awesome. Just finished reading it and adding the 19th chapter was the right call. WICKED!!!!!!!!

Y’know…it didn’t occur to me when I offered ARCs that I was also soliciting fanmail. Several of the emails I received asking for a copy included a little note saying how much they’d love Taming Fire, and why.

Last week was pretty stressful, between work and my desperate (and oft-delayed) sprint to get the ARCs finished and sent. It really helped to have those messages popping in my inbox every few minutes.

Thanks to everyone who has ever said anything nice about my writing. It lights a warm little fire inside me every time.

While You Wait

If anyone missed out on the chance for an ARC (or if you’ve already finished reading it and Dragonswarm still isn’t showing up on Amazon), I do have some more fantasy available in the same universe (although not the same series).

Check out my publisher’s compilation A Consortium of Worlds. It features a short story I wrote just for that collection, “The Bloodshield Betrayal.”

There’s a cool new character, a promisingly dramatic world situation, and interesting new magic elements that I made up just for this plot. If you like my fantasy, I’ll bet you’d like that story.

And while you’re at it, you get seven other short fantasy/sci-fi stories by the other writers in my little collective (including our own Courtney Cantrell). All of them are worth getting to know.

One Response to “The Trial of the ARCs”

  1. Dave Doolin says:

    I’m waiting, no ARC for me. I’m gonna read the first over, too, before starting this one.