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The Dragonswarm Is Live!

In case you didn’t already know, The Dragonswarm is now available!

You can find it at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

These are currently just the digital editions, but the paperback should be available some time next week.  I’ll let you know when that happens.

Status Update

I know a lot of you are personally interested in the success of my writing and of this book in particular. It’s only been live for about 15 hours at this point, and Amazon hasn’t even finished hooking up all the moving parts yet. That’ll take a couple days still.

But I can give you a little bit of information:

  • In the first 15 hours (and prior to any major public announcements), The Dragonswarm sold 168 copies.
  • It’s now being tracked on two category lists, and is ranked #11 in Kindle Fantasy Epics, and #21 in all Fantasy Epics.
  • My current overall sales rank among all Kindle books is 512. (It took months for Taming Fire to get under 1,000.)
  • I also currently already have ten customer reviews up at Amazon, thanks to my incredible fans who requested Advance Reading Copies. So far, they all love it.

These are all very positive numbers. Obviously there’s going to be some launch-day enthusiasm, but I anticipate even better numbers one Amazon gets everything hooked up, and then maybe another big boost from Christmas.

Some Things

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about the book from the people who’ve read it. I’ve been watching sales climb and climb. I’m…ecstatic. I’m at work today, and having to fight very hard not to get up and dance out of my cubicle. It’s my lunch break now, so maybe no one would notice….

I’m also having a hard time concentrating enough to write a coherent blog post. So I’ll just throw some other exciting things at you.

  • The Dragonswarm is my fifth published novel. It’s the seventh novel published by Consortium Books, and the ninth title (we also have a short story collection and an individual short story available).
  • The Dragonswarm features a world map. The map deserves a post all its own. It’s gorgeous. I’m so excited we were able to include that in the book. Huge thanks have to go to Becca J. Campbell and Daniel Lunsford for putting it together in record time.
  • The Dragonswarm was published with the financial backing of our very first KickStarter campaign. We asked $2,000 and were able to raise it in just 20 days. And the next campaign is already running, to fund Joshua Unruh’s young-adult spy-fi adventure TEEN Agents in The Plundered Parent Protocol. Naturally, you’ll be hearing more about that.
  • I finished writing new scenes for The Dragonswarm about 36 hours before publishing it to Amazon. (If you find any typos, that’s why.)
  • One week before The Dragonswarm‘s scheduled release date, a behind-the-scenes change in the code at Google Docs broke the custom publishing tool we use at Consortium Books with no warning. We had to scramble to massively rewrite our program while I was also scrambling to finish rewriting the book. That was an adventure. (In the process, we made a whole lot of things work a lot better than they have in the past.)
  • Because of those improvements, I decided to re-release Taming Fire as well. So while I was scrambling to publish The Dragonswarm, I added another book to the pile. But that means Taming Fire now includes a world map, too! If you already have a copy, you can delete it from your Kindle and redownload it, and you should get the updated version.

I love being a writer. I’m surprised how much I love being a publisher, too. Every project is an adventure.

Of course, it certainly helps to have a ton of sales. I owe so much of that to all of you. Thank you. You’re amazing.

One Response to “The Dragonswarm Is Live!”

  1. Joseph Osborne says:

    We really appreciate your hard work Mr. Pogue. To find an author such as yourself that talks to his customers, fans, etc. and responds to their concerns and questions is excellent. I enjoy your work and hope you will keep the Dragon Prince series continuing for quite a while!