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Start a Story (Creative Writing Exercise)

The lovely Kelley, writing at a coffee shop

Creative Writing Exercise

You had to see this one coming! After a week spent discussing introductions, it’s only logical to make that the assignment.

But, more than that, it’s fun. Today you get to start a story you’ll never have to finish. Give it flash, give it bang. Promise big, and use up your entire special effects budget on page one.

Or, if you want to really try to follow my advice, give us a fantastic character. Introduce us to someone unexpected, someone new, and someone worth knowing.

And do it quick! You’ve got 250 to 333 words for this week’s assignment. That’s shorter than normal, so take some extra time to polish, revise, and make it perfect.

Then post it on your blog, or save it in your Google Docs folder for next November, or share it on our discussion board for all to see!

Photo credit Julie V. Photography.

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