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The Magic of Marketing: A Cautionary Tale

Tweet Once upon a time there was a man named Aaron Pogue. He worked every day as a writer, and yet he dreamed every day of working as a writer. You see, he worked as a¬†technical¬†writer translating Engineer into English. But he wanted to be a fiction writer so he could translate words into dreams. […]

On Narrative Scenes: Writing a Scene

Tweet This week we’re talking about narrative scenes — the storytelling elements that clarify your characters and progress your plot. How Scenes Work As I said yesterday, every scene in your story must move your story forward. That can consistent of character-building, occasionally, and really only in the first act, but in most genres you […]

On Narrative Scenes: Choosing Your Scenes

Tweet This month we’re reviewing all the parts and processes that go into developing a story. Our goal is to put together a complete prewriting package to do some of the heavy lifting for you when it comes time to write a novel in November. So far, if you’ve been following along, you have Characters, […]