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A Consortium of Worlds

I posted yesterday to complain about how busy I was. It’ll probably take me weeks to show up and post again, but in the meantime I wanted to brag about a couple of those projects that did get finished:

A Consortium of Worlds

A Consortium of Worlds is the new quarterly speculative-fiction short story magazine by Consortium Writers.

Coordinated, edited, and published almost entirely by Courtney and Joshua, I still got to participate a little bit in the publishing part when I taught them how, and in the writing part when I wrote an exclusive fantasy story that’s included in the collection.

Check out “The Bloodshield Betrayal” and some fantastic stories by our other up-and-coming writers for just $2.99.

Shadows after Midnight

I don’t remember if I mentioned it (though I’m sure Courtney did), but we also published Shadows after Midnight a couple weeks back.

It’s the second book in Courtney’s Christian fantasy thriller trilogy, The Demons of Saltmarch, and I enjoyed it even more than the first. With the setting established and focusing on a new protagonist (Auguren Peter), it hits the fantasy notes a lot harder and jumps straight into the action.

Definitely check out Courtney’s books if you haven’t already. And while you’re at it, marvel at the masterpiece of formatting and layout that I achieved as head publisher.

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