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Affiliate Program

The Unstressed Syllables logoThank you for considering our affiliate program!

We use e-Junkie for all of our digital sales. Some of the policies below are our own, but most of them are the direct result of e-Junkie’s accounting and payment processes.

Payment Policy

Our affiliate program provides you a 50% commission on all sales you generate. Just place an affiliate link to our sales page on your site, and whenever one of your readers follows that link and makes a purchase, e-Junkie reserves half of the sale price for you.

Your commissions will be paid through Paypal.

Apparently e-Junkie only makes affiliate commissions available once a month (on the first of the month, they provide sales figured for the previous month’s purchases). We’ll always get your earned commissions to you within ten days of their availability, so you can count on them by the tenth of the month. (In most cases, you’ll probably get them closer to the second or third.)

Your Job

All you need to do is send interested buyers to our sales page. The more of them you send (and the more interested they are), the more you’ll get in commission.

For best results, make your sales pitch genuine. Use the same style and voice you do for your regular blog posts, and let your readers know exactly what our products have to offer. That will generate more sales (and fewer irritated readers) than a slick sales pitch.

While you’re designing your sales pages or product reviews, be sure to glance at our Press Page for some helpful resources. You can find product-specific bios of our authors, detailed descriptions of individual projects, and all the promotional images we’ve prepared for any given launch. You’re free to copy, modify, or otherwise use any of our promotional material for any purpose that promotes our products, or

Thanks again for your interest. We wish you all the best.