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How to Build an e-Book

Aaron Pogue, of the general writing advice site Unstressed Syllables, turns his attention to  the professional blogging community with his new product, How to Build an e-Book. Drawing on years of experience as a professional Technical Writer, Aaron provides the techniques and the understanding you need to convert your blog’s archive into a professional-quality e-Book.

The e-Book Challenge and Unstressed Syllables Present
How to Build an e-Book

How to Build an e-Book

"How to Build an e-Book" by Aaron Pogue

A valuable new resource for professional bloggers hit the market May 1, when Unstressed Syllables launched its premier product, How to Build an e-Book. Available in three volumes, How to Build an e-Book teaches bloggers how to design, write, and polish an e-Book from an existing blog archive, to create a professional-quality product.

Aaron Pogue, author of the book, used his extensive experience as Technical Writer and writing teacher to design a guide packed with expert professional writing advice, but easily accessible to a general audience. He’s designed a clear, step-by-step process that’s easy to follow, and illustrated with tons of excellent examples.

In part 1, Prewriting, you’ll learn how to choose a topic that’s right for you. You’ll prepare sales descriptions to help you focus your initial message and ultimately promote your product. This handy guide also provides helpful advice on designing your document’s structure, incorporating outside information without diluting your voice, and choosing the right writing software.

In part 2, Writing, you’ll build on your document’s design by preparing a professional custom document template, using custom styles, page layout, and other powerful design elements to create a document that not only appeals to readers, but also makes writing easier. You’ll also learn how to make the most of your existing blog archive, while also generating new and valuable content even for your longtime readers.

In part 3, Rewriting, you’ll polish your document draft to perfection, with helpful tips on markup and editing, incorporating feedback without compromising your message, and packaging your product for distribution and sale. By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to design and build professional e-Books to establish credibility, strengthen your brand, and generate income from the blog you’ve worked so hard to build.

How to Build an e-Book is available at Unstressed Syllables. Individual volumes sell for $9.99 each, or you can pick up the three-volume set for $23.97. Visit for more details.

About Aaron Pogue:

Aaron Pogue is the creator and main writer at Unstressed Syllables, a general writing advice site that features interesting, accessible articles on topics ranging from business writing to storytelling. He brings decades of experience in creative and technical writing to his articles, and works hard to make good writing easy for everyone.


Aaron Pogue, Lead Writer
Unstressed Syllables
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