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Why Choose Draft2Digital?

Unstressed Syllables has been on something of an unannounced summer hiatus. I’ve been unremarkably busy, and our Contributing Editor has just gone and had herself a baby.

But don’t think I’m done with Unstressed Syllables. In fact, we’ve got grand plans for the site that we intend to roll out this fall. We’re hoping Unstressed Syllables will become the go-to site for writing and publishing advice.

In the meantime, I’m hard at work helping develop the new go-to site for self-publishing. I’m the Director of User Experience for Draft2Digital, a new ebook publishing platform, and among other things I’m contributing to their promotional copy.

So today, I’d like to share my most recently finished copy, and get your take as interested parties. I beg of you your feedback.

Why Choose Draft2Digital?

The last few years have seen an ebook revolution that massively changed the publishing industry. Thanks to digital distribution, it is easier than ever to bring your book to an audience that’s always hungry for more.

“Easier than ever” doesn’t necessarily mean “easy enough.” To get the most out of this opportunity, you need to convert a manuscript (usually a Microsoft Word document) into an ebook format like epub, set up user accounts at multiple sales channels, learn the quirks of each platform, and then duplicate the book’s sales information across all those outlets. Every time you make a change to your book, you’ll have to make those changes everywhere your book is listed.

Many authors have learned to use the self-publishing tools available at sites like Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble’s PubIt!, and Kobo’s Writing Life. While some publishers love that level of control, we know there are some authors out there who want to participate in this new market but who don’t have the technical skills to format an ebook or the time to manage all those different accounts.

That’s why we created Draft2Digital. This site provides a single, simple process to turn your story into a professionally-formatted ebook and release it through all the industry’s most powerful sales channels. We’ll give you one place to publish your projects, to manage any changes, and to track your performance across all vendors.

And the market is still growing! As new sales channels appear, we’ll be at the front of the pack, learning to manage each new platform so you won’t have to. If that sounds like a useful service, try us out today. You can publish a book at no cost and no commitment and see how convenient Draft2Digital really is.

What works? What’s missing? Does it sound like a service you would like to use? (If it does,  you can sign up for an email notification when the service goes live.)

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