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NaNoWriMo Update, Part 3

Dearest Inklings,

You didn’t hear from me today because this week, NaNoWriMo has completely jargogled my brain.

Yes, you read it right. Jargogled. And no, I didn’t make it up. I found it in this article about 20 obsolete English words, and I love it, so I decided to start using it immediately.

Reading that article, by the way, was one of the many things I’ve been doing when I should’ve been writing.

Currently, my wordcount is at 31,270. That’s still 1,270 more words than I actually need — but I had a headstart of 4k a few days ago, so 1.2k is rather malagrugrous.

See. I told you that you should go read that article. Except I didn’t tell you that. So now I’m telling you. Go read it. It’s full of other fun things, like kench and jollux and brabble, and I swear I’m not making any of these up.

But NaNo. Everybody talks about the Week Two Slump. Aaron talked about it last week — in Week Two. We are now in Week Three, and because I enjoy not conforming, I’ve apparently picked Week Three in which to have my Week Two crisis. Nothing like frecking fashionably late into the party.

The words aren’t there. Facebook is more interesting. Snarky, witty main character has turned into boring, distressed damsel. In the last 30 hours, I’ve watched three episodes of Dexter as well as the excellent but depressing film The Duchess, starring Kiera Knightley. My demon zombies don’t want to eat anybody. It’s enough to make a girl want to go on a brannigan.

I want to quit. The hubby and I are currently without income. Several dear friends are in major crisis. The stress makes me feel like someone has picked me up and quagswagged me. Tension has lodged in my neck and shoulders, which turns sitting at the computer and typing into torture. I really, really, really want to quit. Screw writing, I just wanna jitterbug.

But I won’t quit. I’m too stubborn to quit. I’d be a hoddypeak to quit. I have more than thirty thousand words written in Book 3 of the trilogy I’ve been writing — in my head and on paper — for almost three years. I AM NOT GOING TO QUIT.

Yes, I might be living in a widdendream. This first draft might be yemeles and full of perissology, and my lack of sleep might be turning me into something far from illecebrous. And the bibesy feeling probably will get stronger before this week is over.


I. Will. Not. Quit.

Bring on the scriptitation. I am going to win this thing, jargogled brain or no.

4 Responses to “NaNoWriMo Update, Part 3”

  1. Bryce says:

    You have such a way with words–especially obsolete, fringe, or completely fabricated English words. This one made me laugh. Thanks. I look forward to reading your books.

    • Courtney Cantrell says:

      Aw, thank you, Bryce! I always enjoy finding new and interesting — or old and interesting! — ways to use language. It’s just so much fun to play with! And it’s all the more enjoyable if I can brighten someone’s day thereby. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know I made you laugh!

  2. I enjoyed your use of the obscure terms as well. I also think it would be highly amusing to use them in a CCC challenge. And (if you haven’t been by there lately) Shane is letting people pick the words now — people selected via randomized drawing or the like. But yes. That would be highly amusing. And I am so tired that I am repeating myself. Goodnight!

    • Courtney Cantrell says:

      Becca, I do hope you’ve gotten enough sleep since then. 😉

      I haven’t been by CCC in awhile — I’ll have to check that out. It reminds me of a live improv show I saw a couple of times in Chemnitz. The actors invited the audience to shout out random words, which the cast collected in a list and then used in one of their improv scenes.

      I shouted out the word “phylacteries.” After I’d stood up — oy vey! — and explained to the whole cast and hundred-member audience what the word meant, the actors made quite interesting use of it, indeed. 😀