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My Felony (Creative Writing Exercise)

The lovely Kelley, writing at a coffee shop

Creative Writing Exercise

We’ve done a lot of work with our Friday exercises lately, and that’s probably something I should save for my business writers, huh?

Fine. Let’s tell a story this week. (Or tell another one, if you’ve already told two over at the Creative Copy Challenge.) Make it 250-750 words. Make it a blog post or a CCC, but make it an excellent tale. Big event, complications, and a protagonist we can root for.

Oh, and don’t forget conflict. In keeping with this week’s theme, make it trouble with the law (or, if your life hasn’t been that exciting, trouble with the folks). I shared my felony yesterday, now it’s your turn to share yours.

Tell us a true story of the most interesting thing you’ve done wrong — or the most interesting one you can share with the public, anyway. ¬†Always bear in mind that your future boss could end up reading anything you ever post to a blog. My felony just shows off my self-starter attitude and top-notch problem-solving skills. I’m comfortable with that.

If you’re not…maybe make up fake names. Change some of the details around. Whatever you’ve got to do, just tell a good tale. We all look forward to hearing it.

Photo credit Julie V. Photography.

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