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Interesting Things (Technical Writing Exercise)

Business Writing Exercise

Business Writing Exercise

Okay, look. You’re a blogger now, whether you like it or not.

I said as much a couple weeks ago, but one of the biggest challenges of blogging is making your deadline. Last week I talked about finding topics, but the best way to make an interesting document (whether it’s a blog post or a business report) is to write about something you’re interested in.

So that’s your assignment this week. You’re  going to write a blog about everything you’re interested in.

Well, okay, maybe not everything. Make a list of five to ten things you find interesting, and supplement each with two or three paragraphs of explanation. Tell us why you find it interesting, how you learned about it, what you do with it. It could be a topic of study, a favorite hobby or game, or the technical stuff you spend your time on at work. Your job is to capture a list of the things that are interesting to you, and practice making them interesting to your readers.

That also gives you a starting spot, next time you’re coming up blank for a blog post. All the things you want to say, that just won’t fit in two to three paragraphs…those are blog posts. All the things you’d need to say to convince an uncertain reader that it really is interesting…those are blog posts. And, in the meantime, your abbreviated list…that’s a blog post, too, rich with promise of more to come.

So write it up, post it wherever you call home, and share a link with us in the comments. We’re anxious to know what floats your boat.

3 Responses to “Interesting Things (Technical Writing Exercise)”

  1. Oh man…the struggle of figuring out what to blog about…it happens to us all. Great advice though. Let’s see…here is my list of things that interest me:

    #1 Humans and human behavior – vague yes, but always interesting with endless opportunity to write about

    #2 Books/ Reading/ Writing – words, covers, plots, characters, the smell, the look…shall I keep going?

    #3 Travel – I’ve been to Hawaii twice, Spain, Bolivia, California, Vancouver/ Whistler…each for different reasons and each with different experiences. I want to travel more for sure.

    #4 Movies – visual books…come now…someone extremely creative (or not so in some cases) came up with this stuff. I love to see how other people’s minds work in this medium.

    #5 Music – for the same reason I love movies and books 🙂

    Thank you for this awesome exercise. This was very helpful ha ha ha.

    Have a great evening!


  2. Trish Pogue says:

    I’ve posted my list of 5 interesting things on my family blog, Pogue Weekly Times. Thanks for the assignment, it was a great one.

  3. Aaron Pogue says:

    That’s awesome, Trish! You did a fantastic job — not just in following the instructions, but also in describing your interests, and making it a real glimpse into who you are.

    Thanks for sharing!