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Blog Story (Creative Writing Exercise)

You should definitely have a blog by now. We’ve been talking about it all week, and yesterday’s article really stressed the benefits for creative writers in particular.

So let’s put that into practice. If you did Monday’s exercise, you’ve already got a good first post for your blog, telling the world that you’re a writer. Now it’s time to tell the world how fascinating your life is.

Tell a story.

Work that weird alchemy I waxed poetic about yesterday, and turn the events of your life into a true tale. Think about something that happened yesterday, or this week, and make a story out of it. Don’t just tell us what happened, craft it.

Find a protagonist (probably you), and figure out the drama in the events — was it frightening or frustrating or funny? Find the moment something changed — a reckless driver cut you off (startling you out of the daze of your daily commute), or someone called and gave you big news (good or bad). That’s your beginning, when something that happened interrupted your normal course of events. And the end is the moment when you found a way to make your life normal again. Everything in between should be part of the story, everything should relate (in some way) to the change and the conflict and the ultimate resolution.

I’m thinking that needs its own blog post, “Structure of a Story,” and I’ll have that for you next week. For now, find the drama in your boring ol’ life, and share it with the world. Oh, but not on our discussion board this time. Put it on your blog. That’s the whole point, right? Let us know, though. Share a link to your blog story, right here in the comments, and we’ll give your blog a couple new visitors.

2 Responses to “Blog Story (Creative Writing Exercise)”

  1. Thanks for this and your last post, Aaron. This is the first creative writing exercise of yours that I’ve actually gone through with so far. You can find it at I hope I can continue to practice viewing my life as a series of adventures, worthy of telling.

  2. Aaron Pogue says:

    Jessie, you’re most welcome for the post. Thank you for sharing your story! I enjoyed it immensely.